You asked, I answered. Questions including my favourite hair products; job; own range of hair products; Louis Tomlinson’s hair; and loads more.

Sorry if I didn’t answer your question. There were loads – and far more than I’d ever expected. Thank you for asking them. I really do appreciate it.

  • Ed Montgomery says:

    Hi Robin, firstly wanted to say that I love your videos, and wanted to ask you for your advice. I am currently growing my hair out and its about 6 inches on top and 1.5 inches at the sides, i have fairly thick and straight blonde hair. What product do you suggest for a natural shine, medium hold product that will keep my hair out of my face, that won’t dry up throughout the day (stays malleable) and will give it texture but without crunchiness. The look I want to go for is kind of in-between a messy slickback and a messy pompadour. If you just give me a few products to have a look at, that would be great.
    Many Thanks,

    • Robin says:

      Hey Ed,

      Thanks so much. Glad you enjoy my videos. I really love the Hanz de Fuko Claymation product. It gives a good hold, but has a matte shine. If you want a bit of shine, you can style your hair when it’s damp. Fudge also do a really great Hair Varnish. It’s more of a wax though.
      OR… Fish Soho have a new Aqua (water based) range. They have a really great glossy wax in the range. 😀