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Men’s Anti-Aging Moisturiser | Lab Series MAXELLENCE

Could this be the best new release in men’s anti-aging moisturisers? It just might be! Lab Series have just launched their brand new men’s anti-aging moisturisers. Infused with meteorite extract, The Lab Series MAX...

Could this be the best new release in men’s anti-aging moisturisers? It just might be!

Lab Series have just launched their brand new men’s anti-aging moisturisers. Infused with meteorite extract, The Lab Series MAX LS MAXELLENCE Collection creates a two-part grooming regime. Using space technology the anti-aging moisturise stimulates and promotes the skin’s natural production of collagen and fibrillin.

Crafted in small batches and available exclusively at Harrods and Lab Series online, the collection heralds a brand new benchmark in men’s luxury skincare.

For the past two months, I’ve been using both The Dual Concentrate and The Singular Cream to put this new release through its paces.

MAXELLENCE: The Dual Concentrate

With just one pump of the serum, The Dual Concentrate delivers a concentrated burst of high-performance ingredients to your skin.

At its heart, the product helps the skin in its natural production of collagen and fibrillin – both of which keep the skin looking youthful.

In two separate chambers (white and black) the product provides the foundation to plumper, younger looking skin.


The “White Chamber”:

Calm, smooth, hydrate.

A blend of advanced ingredients that work to minimise the look of time and daily wear on the skin.

It plumps the skin to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

The “Black Chamber”:

Revitalise, brighten and even skin tone.

A blend of skin-brightening ingredients help bring youthful brightness to the skin’s appearance.


MAXELLENCE: The Singular Cream

Used straight after The Dual Concentrate, The Singular Cream takes your anti-aging skincare regime to a whole new level.

Infused with galactic meteorite extract (yes, really), the space extract helps revive the skin’s youthful look by smoothing the look of lines and wrinkles.

Rich in essential minerals like calcium and magnesium, meteor extract is also one of the main anti-aging ingredients to promote the natural production of collagen.

Although black in appearance, the product is instantly absorbed into the skin – leaving it looking brighter, smoother and feeling softer.

lab series maxellence review


Lab Series have given us a masterclass in packaging design.

Sleek, durable and reassuringly weighty, the packaging is the perfect match to the luxury of the product inside.

With a meteorite effect lid, The Singular Cream gives a subtle nod to the origin of its star ingredient.

I quite often have my skin products stored away on my shelf, but these two beauties have taken pride of place in my bathroom.



Both MAXELLENCE products have a fresh, citrusy fragrance captured from the flower of the Shima Lemon.

Found on Ogasawara (a remote island off Japan), the Shima Lemon accord is obtained by headspace technology – a technique developed in the 1980s to capture and recreate odour compounds found in the air surrounding various objects.

The Lemon flower is kept in a confined space and certain molecules are trapped, analysed and replicated to create a nature- identical accord.


MAXELLENCE: Men’s anti-aging

The MAXELLENCE Collection is a state of the art anti-aging moisturiser for men.

The Dual Concentrate and The Singular Cream work in tandem to stimulate the natural production of collagen in the skin.

The products replenish the skin with a light layer of hydration to smooth away the look of fine and dry lines. The moisturisers also work to diminish the look of dark spots (caused with age) and promote a more even-looking skin tone.

MAXELLENCE: Technology

The tag line of From Space To Skin is the perfect fit for the technology behind the MAXELLENCE Collection.

Meteorite has been carefully and painstakingly  extracted from the core of an asteroid; while the team at Lab Series have created their  Micro-Grav Ferment – a yeast extract to brighten skin. Perfected in a bioreactor, the yeast is then paired with the other ingredients to help achieve a brighter appearance.

The science part: The “space technology” bioreactor is a horizontal rotary fermentation vessel that creates a micro-gravity environment — the weightless condition obtained in space — where the raw material is in a free-fall suspension.


It’s been two months since I began using the anti-aging moisturisers. My skin feels smoother, plumper and the lines around my eyes have been minimised.

I’ve also really noticed that the redness under my eyes and around my cheeks has gone and my overall skin tone is a lot more even.


Sure, it’s at the top end of my budget, but this is really for men who care about their skincare routine and really want to invest in it.

I really would recommend Lab Series’ MAXELLENCE Collection and I’m sure that you’ll experience similar results to the ones I’ve seen. 


Lab Series MAX LS MAXELLENCE is available directly from Lab Series online here.

Both products are 50ml and priced at  £130 for The Dual Concentrate and £105 for The Singular Cream