I have just about recovered from Notting Hill Carnival on Sunday. 

The day was such a hoot and I had a fantastic time with my friends. In between the Jerk Chicken and rum binges, I got to grips with the new LG G3. I was totally impressed by the quality of the camera on the phone and the fist selfie feature – or the ‘fistie’ as I came to call it.

To take a selfie, all you do is turn the front-facing camera on, hold your hand up and wait a couple of seconds before making a fist to start a 3 second countdown. Yep – pretty epic! Needless to say I was going wild with fisties all day on Sunday!

I was also loving the fact that you can lock and unlock the phone just by knocking (gently!) on the screen. With over 80,000 knock combinations, it’s a pretty cool way to keep your phone and those precious fisties safe.

Check out some of my pics from the day taken with the LG G3…

Check out the LG G3 here