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My European Christmas Market Road Trip

I’m a total Scrooge and I really don’t enjoy Christmas. So I decided to force myself into the Christmas mood by visiting some of the most famous European Christmas markets.

Follow me on the ultimate European Christmas market road trip!

Okay, so I’m going to level with you. I’m a total Scrooge and I really don’t enjoy Christmas. I make no secret of it. But this year I was really keen to get myself in the Christmas zone; and what better way to do it than by visiting some of the most famous Christmas markets in Europe.

Join me on my adventure with Mazda as I spend three days visiting some of the best Christmas markets in Europe… oh, and some of the worst!

Day 1 – Lille Christmas Market

Our first stop was Lille in France. Lille as a city was absolutely gorgeous, but the market was disappointing. It felt like it was lacking imagination and already – only at the start of December – felt a little tired.

But with a hotdog and pretzel in hand, my quest for Christmas was most definitely in full swing.

Day 2 – Strasbourg Christmas Market

Day 2 was all about Strasbourg. We explored the Christmas markets before driving through the beautiful Black Forest and on to Rothenburg in Germany.

Strasbourg was like one big Christmas party! In the main square we were greeted by a brass band under the most beautiful Christmas tree!

Strasbourg really didn’t disappoint and I began to feel as though my Grinch-like exterior was thawing.  The Icelandic themed markets sold everything from mulled wine to snow globes; and nativity scenes to dancing Santas. How could I hate Christmas with all this cheer around!?


Day 3 – Rothenburg Christmas Market

We were on our final day of my quest for Christmas and I began to reflect on my journey. It was so lovely to escape London for the weekend; exchanging the hustle and bustle of the city for a little European relaxation.

As we arrived at Rothenburg Christmas market the snow began to fall and everything became covered in the most perfect sheet of white. It really couldn’t get more Christmassy than that! We sipped on cocoa and sheltered from the snowfall before heading on to Munich where our flight home awaited us.

Unfortunately, our journey home took a little longer than expected. The snow had caught up with us and our flight was cancelled so we had a little bit of time to kill in Munich airport!

But after such a wonderful trip, it would take more than a flight delay to kill my Christmas vibe.

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Thank you all so much for a wonderful 2017. It’s been epic! 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Thank you to Mazda for this wonderful trip. 

Mazda paid for the production of one video and social coverage of my trip with them. They had no sign off on editorial.