Manscaping, trimming or body grooming – whatever you call it; it is nice to be neat around those ‘zones’.

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Body hair and how to maintain it (or rid yourself of it) is a topic that doesn’t get much attention. A taboo subject, we are left wondering how/if others maintain their body hair and what products we can/should use to keep those ‘areas’ in a presentable manner.

I could continue to use inverted commas all the way through this article, or I could just say it – I’m talking about trimming your pubic hair… and your chest and underarms. There we go. That was easy. Now let’s talk products…

With prices starting at as little as £15, the King of Shaves Prostyle eGrooming range makes personal grooming easy and affordable.

I’ve started using both the Bodystyler (all over body trimmer) and Precision Trimmer (ear, nose and eyebrows) and have been really impressed.


Bodystyler (£15)

Using 2 AAA batteries, the body trimmer has three different length settings, allowing you to decide how neat you want your body hair to be.

Totally showerproof, you can take the trimmer into the bathroom without fear of getting it wet. And what’s better, you can make sure that those little hairs are caught in your shower with you. Just make sure you clean it out after!

With bi-directional blades, you can shave in absolutely any direction – all over your body. ALL OVER. It can go anywhere and will not cut you.

A really great, simple to use and reusable product, for the price of a short, back and sides at the barber! DIY at its best.


Precision Trimmer (£20)

I’m not one for the super-styled and manicured brows on men so I like to keep my eyebrows thick and bushy. But even for me, there comes a time when they need a little trim.

With two different clip-on guides, you can wave the Precision Trimmer across your brows, maintaining your masculinity and without the fear of ending up looking like some dodgy reality TV reject.

Changing the head to the rotary trimmer, you can take care of any stray nose or ear hairs. It not sharp and there’s no exposed blade, so don’t worry about chopping your nostrils up into tiny pieces. Phew!


For anyone who doesn’t want to spend a load of cash on body grooming, these tools could be the perfect solution – they’re cheap, easy to use, portable and will save you the embarrassment of asking for a ‘back, sack and crack’ at your local beauty salon!


Check out the Prostyle eGrooming range and where to buy here