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King of Shaves Hyperglide Razor | Review

A wet shave with nothing but water: a match made in shave heaven; or a blood bath waiting to happen? Scroll down to see my video review Today (16 January, 2014) sees the launch...

A wet shave with nothing but water: a match made in shave heaven; or a blood bath waiting to happen?

Scroll down to see my video review

Today (16 January, 2014) sees the launch of a new razor. King of Shaves’ Hyperglide has been in research and development for over four years and now Will King (founder and CEO) has a product that he feels is ready to compete with the big boys. Will the Hyperglide signal an end to the dominance of Gillette and Wilkinson Sword and allow King of Shaves to make headway in the male grooming market? It just might!

Meeting in the Empire suite of London’s Café Royal Hotel last December, I knew that this was no ordinary product launch. With golden walls and views over Regent Street, it was clear that the grooming brand was heralding a product to take note of.  With just myself and two others (a journalist and make-up artist) at the marble table, we had a very intimate audience with the King.  Under strict instruction from not to review the product or give away any detail of the Hyperglide’s features or design until launch day, I’ve been sitting quietly with this one for quite a while now. So here it goes…


First up: is this razor any good? Yes – it’s beyond epic and has changed my morning shave routine. And it’s only £9.99 ($12.49 US), so won’t break the bank. Feel like you need to know more? Read on.


The ‘science’ (aka – why it’s so good)

Hyperglide uses advanced superhydrophilic technology on the shave cartridge’s entire shaving surface. In short, the razor cartridge reacts with water to create its own lubricant.

The technology was originally developed by a UK university tech spin-out for use in the medical device industry – specifically to coat catheters, allowing easy insertion into arteries, with minimal invasive friction.

This also means that the need for a lubricating strip (a common feature of all market-leading razors) is no longer needed.

Essentially, the Hyperglide razor could (and can) be used without any sort of shave prep. Just add water!


The verdict

Having used this razor for over a month, I’ve got to know what it can and can’t do.

What it can’t do? I’m still to see.
What it can do? Pretty much everything that you’d want from a razor.

I have absolutely loved using this razor. My skin – especially my neck – is really very sensitive, so anything that can help reduce friction and irritation gets a massive tick from me.

Using the razor without any skin prep [see the video review above] really put the razor and my skin through their paces. I’ve never before been able to shave directly onto my skin without any cream, gel or foam; so this was most definitely a shave first for me. Even on the tougher areas of stubble, the razor glided across my skin, without cutting me or causing any irritation. After every shave, my skin has felt smooth and hydrated.

The razor cartridge’s lubricating properties are – without a doubt – the USP. To have a cartridge that lubricates itself with the addition of water is so unique. Not only does it provide a close shave, but it also ensures that every single area of your skin receives the same amount of attention.

After my first – no preparation – shave with the razor, I’ve since added a skin prep (King of Shaves’ Alpha Gel) and it has made my shave even closer and smoother. Even from my first use of the Hyperglide, I haven’t had any of my usual redness on my neck. I also don’t resent my morning grooming routine and enjoy the feeling of the razor against my skin. For me, this is groundbreaking!


My advice to you

Take the £9.99/$12.49 plunge and change your attitude to shaving today.


For more information on the King of Shaves Hyperglide and where to buy it, click here