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Star Wax Premium Pomade | Review

Testing and reviewing the Star Wax Premium Pomade range – including the Original, Crystal, Toffee and Clay products. Scroll down for the video review Originally marketed exclusively to hair salons and high-end barbershops, the...

Testing and reviewing the Star Wax Premium Pomade range – including the Original, Crystal, Toffee and Clay products.

Scroll down for the video review

Originally marketed exclusively to hair salons and high-end barbershops, the Star Wax Premium Pomade range is now available directly to us, the consumer. So I thought it the perfect opportunity to put the range through its paces: what do the products do, how do they do it, and are they worth the money?

So, before you read through my review, are the products worth $25/£20 and should you buy them? In short, yes! Here’s why…


What’s especially exciting about these products is that they are based on water. Loads of styling pomades are based on a variety of compounds such as petroleum. This makes them extremely difficult to wash out and we are often left with gunky residue that makes our hair heavy and greasy.

The Star Wax products, however, were designed with water at the heart of the formula, ensuring that the products can be washed out with ease – and without shampoo!

Strong/Elastic hold

The four products range in how strong they hold. The strongest hold (for me) was the Crystal. The product is thicker in consistency and can quite easily hold your hair in place without hairspray.

The Toffee product has a moderate hold and would suit someone that wants a matte pliable finish.

That said, all of these products have an elastic property to them. They provide a bounce to your hair and allow you to restyle as you wish throughout the day.

High shine

The Original and Crystal pomades both have a high shine. A serious high shine! They’re the perfect product if you want an authentic greaser look. The Toffee and Clay products, however, have a matte finish which gives them a more contemporary look.

Moisturising properties

I often worry (and I know you probably do too) that the products that I use are stripping my hair of natural oils and are damaging it. Each product contains jojoba – a moisturiser and conditioner used for skin, hair, and scalp.

The science: unlike other natural moisturisers, jojoba’s chemical structure mimics the human skin’s own sebum, except that it does not clog pores and exhibits antimicrobial properties. Jojoba is also hypoallergenic and non-greasy, and contains many essential vitamins and minerals.

As one of the key ingredients in the products, jojoba serves as a powerful scalp and hair moisturiser.

Star Wax Premium Pomade Original


Star Wax Original

High shine. Pliable hold. Easy to apply.

While it is extremely strong, it remains elastic even after it dries. With this product, you can restyle your hair throughout the day without affecting the hold. It has an insanely shiny finish and provides the perfect gloss to your hair.

Star Wax Premium Pomade Crystal


Star Wax Crystal

High shine. Strong hold. Great volume.

The Crystal was conceived to provide an even stronger pomade than the Original. What I really noticed with this product was that it added fantastic volume to the front of my hair. Being thicker and stronger than the Original, it allowed me to the build the front of my pomp, giving it fantastic definition and hold.

Star Wax Premium Pomade Toffee


Star Wax Toffee

Great for longer hair. Moderate hold. Natural finish.

The Toffee contains natural moisturisers including jojoba, sweet almond, and Dead Sea water, resulting in a distinctive consistency that strikes a unique balance of hold and shine. The product is easy to apply and leaves your hair feeling thick, healthy and moisturised.

Star Wax Premium Pomade Clay


Star Wax Clay

Strong hold. Moderate shine. Moisturising.

Although the product is supposed to have a matte finish, it still has a natural shine. The Clay includes exotic ingredients such as jojoba, borage, evening primrose, and Dead Sea mud. Enriched with vitamins C, E, and other antioxidants, Clay’s unique blend is designed to maximise skin conditioning.


If you were to buy only one of these products it should be… Go wild with the Original. It has a fantastic shine and a really great hold. It’s pliable and doesn’t dry hard, so you can play with your hair all day without it looking greasy. This product is perfect for creating an old-school look with a modern twist. Try the Pompadour with this product.

Star Wax Premium Pomade is priced at $25/£20 and be purchased from here