I’m pretty sure this is how I’m going to style my hair for my sister’s wedding in April. 

It’s a classic style but my modern cut gives it a contemporary edge. I did this exact style for InStyle’s pre-BAFTA party last week and I absolutely loved it.

It got me thinking that this would be the perfect hairstyle for a school formal, prom, evening event or a wedding.

And the best thing – it’s really easy to achieve.


Featured products:

My haircut:

  • Back and sides – 0.5 grade – scissor over comb.
  • Top – hand cut to neaten, but keeping the length.

How to:

  1. Start with clean and towel dry hair.
  2. Work the Grooming Cream throughout the length of the hair.
  3. Using a hairdryer, dry your hair in the direction you want it to sit.
  4. Use a 10p/dime size amount of pomade.
  5. Brush at the surface of the hair – back to front.
  6. Add more product, this time pushing under the hair – front to back.
  7. Work the style in – sweeping with one hand and holding down the part with the other.
  8. Add in your side part using your hands.
  9. Neaten up the style using a fine tooth comb.
  10. Use a little bit of pomade or hairspray to pick up and place any flyaways.
  11. Fix in place by spraying hairspray across the surface of the hair.