This men’s haircut is all about precision and attention to detail. It’s a fade undercut with a super-neat and sharp foil fade on the back and sides. The top has been loft long for more versatility in styling. 

Precision Fade Undercut

We’ve really focussed in on the detail and the precision of this haircut; to create something that’s still contemporary but more in line with a style for the office, a wedding or a prom.

The precision is in keeping it tight on the back and the sides. And then all the volume has been kept on top, to give it more versatility in styling.

Step-by-step Tutorial

Back and sides

  • The hair is sectioned, to help dictate where the parting sits. For this your head shape is really important.
    • If it’s really round, you’ll want to keep the parting lower, so you can square the shape off – going below the curve.
    • If it’s quite square, you can come down a little lower and round it off with the cut – making it look a little softer.
  • Straight in on the clippers, he uses a 0 with the guard back. He carves in the line first, keeping it low.
  • He then goes in with a foil – following the section pattern.
  • He works 1cm below the zero of the foils and uses the clippers to fade between them both.
    • Going from foil to 0 and fading it in.
    • To make it more structured, he goes up in a half and blends in between with a 0.5.
  • He keeps going with this pattern until finishing on a 1 and a half, open.
  • For extra precision and to personalise the shape, he uses scissor over comb, to flutter out the excess.




  1. He starts at the crown.
  2. Working forward, he keeps the weight in the shape.
  3. Internally in the hair, he removes a bit of the weight in the back area, so it’s a little shorter but it can still be brushed back.
  4. For the front area, he overdirects it to a stationary point.
    • You’ll then see that the haircut will work from short to long – back to front.
  5. Ultimately it’s the length at the front that is going to give us the perfect versatility – wearing it quiffed, pomped or slicked back.


Styling the hair

Prep products

Work throughout the length of the hair. Use a hair dryer to start to work your style in.

Styling/Finishing products

Use to lock your style in.