With the release of The Great Gatsby film, men’s style and hair features have become awash with 1920s inspired fashion and grooming styles.

In this video tutorial, I’ve used Leonardo DiCaprio‘s character – Jay Gatsby – as inspiration. His combover is slick, defined and full of volume.

To do this, I’ve used…

  1. Schwarzkopf got2b iStylers Define Hyper-Wax. It’s a high-street product (c. £3.99) and is a mixture between a wax and fibre putty. Buy here
  2. Comb
  3. Hairdryer
  4. Round curl brush
  5. Hairspray – TRESemmé Ultimate Hold Platinum Shine. I chose this product to add shine to my hair, rather than using a glossy wax or gel. Buy here

Can’t see the video? Watch it on YouTube