Having underarm botox drastically changed my sweat-soaked life. 

I’ve always been a bit of a sweaty sort – clammy hands, greasy face and sweaty underarms. It was something that I learned to live with, finding my own little life hacks to avoid the embaressement of unsightly sweat rings.

At school, I could often be found stuffing tissue under my arms to soak up sweat or awkwardly hovering under the hand dryer to dry out my shirt. In the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t major, but it made me feel self conscious and dented my confidence.

At university, I had a really understanding doctor who fully appreciated how the situation was making me feel. He explained that I had axillary hyperhidrosis – excessive underarm sweating.

With him, I tried everything from super-strength antiperspirants to overnight treatments like Driclor. I even changed my diet – ditching spicy foods and reducing my caffeine intake. All these things would work for a certain amount of time but the sweat would fight back!

Less extreme: Mitchum and Driclor

It was at this point that my doctor suggested that I go for Botox treatment – a series of injections under each arm.

Botox has become synonymous with yummy mummies and celebs alike – using the toxin to rid themselves of frown lines and anything which gives their faces even a hint of character. But it also works to block the nerve messages that tell our bodies to sweat.


What’s involved?

Two days before my treatment, I had to shave my armpits so that they were clean for my treatment.

I had 10-15 tiny – and relatively painless – injections under each arm. It stings a little but you can’t feel it afterwards.

Does it work?

Two days after I had the treatment, I had completely stopped sweating under my arms.

I had the treatment on three separate occasions and it lasted for about 6 months each time.

Side effects?

When you stop sweating from somewhere, your body needs to get rid of it from somewhere else.

For me, my hands got slightly sweatier, but other people have found that they have sweatier backs, chests or even in the crotch.


The treatment has been offered on the NHS, but it can cost upwards of £500. I would suggest seeing your doctor to discuss your options.

Would I get it again?

Absolutely. This was amazing and totally changed my life.


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