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Looking for a hairstyle change? Stuck for what to do; or what to ask for?

Worry not, Man For Himself is here to help… and give you some of the best haircuts around!

Fancy A Haircut?

Fancy getting your hair cut at Man For Himself HQ?

We will be creating haircut and styling videos for YouTube and we want you to join us.

We’re always on the look out for the latest in men’s hairstyles and cutting techniques; and we know some of the best barbers around. So why not let you guys have some of the best haircuts!?

Don’t worry, we’ll always agree a hairstyle with you before we start cutting. You will leave happy!

By uploading a picture of yourself (and your current hairstyle), we’ll find a hairstyle and products that work for you. We want you to be able to share in some of the most exciting barber talent around – right here at MFH HQ.

How Much Does It Cost?

Your haircut and styling is on us! Yep, free!

All we ask is that you’re aged 18+ and can get your own way to – and from – our south London location.


How To Get Involved?

Use the form below to send us your picture. It’s really that easy.

We can’t promise to be able to reply to everyone that gets in touch but we will certainly try.

See Rory’s Transformation


Use the form and upload tool to send us a picture of your hair. We want to see what we can do!

By uploading a picture, you certify that you are over the age of 18; and that you own the rights to use your picture. 

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  • Oomarb13 says:

    Hey Robin been following your hair styling tips for a few years now, and my hair has never felt or looked better. In the pic my hair is greasy because I’ve used a bit of coconut oil for moisture. I’m happy with the length on the back and sides, but my “fringe” is down to my lips (6 inches or so) meaning I can’t get volume in the front, because it just flops over. I don’t usually use styling products, but my go to is a cold air blow dry with Sea salt spray. I want to have a layered haircut so my thick Asian hair doesn’t feel heavy. It would be an honour to get a haircut at MFH HQ, would love the experience.
    Many thanks,

  • peterw98 says:

    Hi Robin, love your content, Just never sure on my hair to be honest.Very confused on my face shape. Tried everything from short to long but nothing seems to really tickle my fancy. I’m a 1st year uni student hoping to impress someone. Hope you can help.
    Much love, peter
    Thank you xo
    Hope you’re ok during lockdown.

  • Luke says:

    Hi Robin! With approaching middle age (I’m 38) it has dawned on me that I should probably start to put more effort into taking care of my appearance. This was precipitated by frustration with my fine hair, and mounting paranoia that I may also be thinning, though I don’t know whether this is a case of confirmation bias. Your content so far has been truly informative and has led me to change several of the products I use and the methods I employ; I am very grateful for the knowledge that you share with us all.

    I have wanted a change in my style for a while now but I am forever indecisive about what to do that is appropriate for my hair type, colour, and face shape, now compounded by the worry that I might be thinning and may as well shave it all off.

    I’m using the lock-down as an excuse to let it grow, and I think this is the longest that it has been in my adult life. I’ve no intention of cutting it as I would like to leave myself with options for when normal business is resumed.

    Thanks again for helping to illuminate a clueless individual.

  • Markmcl says:

    Hi Robin, I have always had short hair, and the reason is its so fine and I have never known what to do or how to style it myself. So short was always the answer. But now in self isolation I am letting it grow. Hopefully Iw ill be able to do something at the end of lockdown.