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Looking for a hairstyle change? Stuck for what to do; or what to ask for?

Worry not, Man For Himself is here to help… and give you some of the best haircuts around!

Fancy A Haircut?

Fancy getting your hair cut at Man For Himself HQ?

We will be creating haircut and styling videos for YouTube and we want you to join us.

We’re always on the look out for the latest in men’s hairstyles and cutting techniques; and we know some of the best barbers around. So why not let you guys have some of the best haircuts!?

Don’t worry, we’ll always agree a hairstyle with you before we start cutting. You will leave happy!

By uploading a picture of yourself (and your current hairstyle), we’ll find a hairstyle and products that work for you. We want you to be able to share in some of the most exciting barber talent around – right here at MFH HQ.

How Much Does It Cost?

Your haircut and styling is on us! Yep, free!

All we ask is that you’re aged 18+ and can get your own way to – and from – our south London location.


How To Get Involved?

Use the form below to send us your picture. It’s really that easy.

We can’t promise to be able to reply to everyone that gets in touch but we will certainly try.

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Use the form and upload tool to send us a picture of your hair. We want to see what we can do!

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  • Oomarb13 says:

    Hey Robin been following your hair styling tips for a few years now, and my hair has never felt or looked better. In the pic my hair is greasy because I’ve used a bit of coconut oil for moisture. I’m happy with the length on the back and sides, but my “fringe” is down to my lips (6 inches or so) meaning I can’t get volume in the front, because it just flops over. I don’t usually use styling products, but my go to is a cold air blow dry with Sea salt spray. I want to have a layered haircut so my thick Asian hair doesn’t feel heavy. It would be an honour to get a haircut at MFH HQ, would love the experience.
    Many thanks,

  • peterw98 says:

    Hi Robin, love your content, Just never sure on my hair to be honest.Very confused on my face shape. Tried everything from short to long but nothing seems to really tickle my fancy. I’m a 1st year uni student hoping to impress someone. Hope you can help.
    Much love, peter
    Thank you xo
    Hope you’re ok during lockdown.

  • Luke says:

    Hi Robin! With approaching middle age (I’m 38) it has dawned on me that I should probably start to put more effort into taking care of my appearance. This was precipitated by frustration with my fine hair, and mounting paranoia that I may also be thinning, though I don’t know whether this is a case of confirmation bias. Your content so far has been truly informative and has led me to change several of the products I use and the methods I employ; I am very grateful for the knowledge that you share with us all.

    I have wanted a change in my style for a while now but I am forever indecisive about what to do that is appropriate for my hair type, colour, and face shape, now compounded by the worry that I might be thinning and may as well shave it all off.

    I’m using the lock-down as an excuse to let it grow, and I think this is the longest that it has been in my adult life. I’ve no intention of cutting it as I would like to leave myself with options for when normal business is resumed.

    Thanks again for helping to illuminate a clueless individual.

  • Markmcl says:

    Hi Robin, I have always had short hair, and the reason is its so fine and I have never known what to do or how to style it myself. So short was always the answer. But now in self isolation I am letting it grow. Hopefully Iw ill be able to do something at the end of lockdown.

  • Nicholas James Lynch says:

    Hi Robin, I’d be very interested in a haircut and a chance to meet the people at MFH. I can never seem to get mine right!

  • Daniel Walsh says:

    Hi am interested in being a hair model.

    Had a quiff recently and not sure if it works for me, perhaps the hairdressers took too much hair off in the middle but I’m not sure!

  • Daniel Walsh says:

    Hi am interested in being a hair model.

    Had a quiff recently and not sure if it works for me, perhaps the hairdressers took too much hair off in the middle but I’m not sure!

    Thank you,


  • Daniel Walsh says:

    Hi am interested in being a model.

    I recently attempted a quiff and feel that either the hairdresser cut too much off in the middle and made short, or it just doesn’t suit me.

    Also am not sure about what products to use, have brought quite a few Moisturisers and don’t think they work for me!

    Thank you,


  • Daniel walsh says:

    Hi am interested in being a model.

    I recently attempted a quiff and feel that either the hairdresser cut too much off in the middle and made short, or it just doesn’t suit me.

    Also am not sure about what products to use, have brought quite a few Moisturisers and don’t think they work for me!

    Thank you,


  • Edward says:


    In desperate need of a haircut, advice and maybe even a new style and would love to come to the MFH HQ for a cut.

    Hope to hear back!


  • Yasser says:

    I’d like to try a free haircut. I am completely ignorant about hair styles and hair products. But it’s never too late!

  • Good evening! With my hair thinning at the front, and having not had a new hairstyle in many many years (if I ever really had a style!), I’d love to get involved Robin.

  • With a little bit of thinning happening at the front, and having not changed style in many many years, (if I ever really had a style!), I’d love to get involved Robin!

  • Hi Robin it would be amazing to be part of your video and barbwr session. I’m scottish I’m 20 years old 6,5ft. I’ve got thick wavy hair and really to tame it so getting a one on one with a fantastic expert would be amazing.

  • Hi,
    I’m Vinny and I’ve followed your channel for the past year or two and I love your advice and tips. I’ve got pretty thick hair and I haven’t really changed up my hairstyle in a while. My hair can be pretty hard to control sometimes even with hair dryers and I definitely struggle to get natural styles without making my hair look overloaded with product…
    Would love some advice!

  • Scott says:

    Have had a similar hairstyle for a while and maybe considering a change depending what you guys think. I have quite fine hair and it’s incredibly straight so I always struggle

  • Blake Werner says:

    I’m visiting London this next week from Seattle, USA.
    I wanted to grow my hair out but where its at roght now will totally ruin all the photos of my trip.

  • Dan Wakista says:

    Hey… I’ve been rocking the same style since 2017, and so I sure as hell need your help.

  • Jonathan stokes says:

    Please help me with my style. I’m a bit lost.

  • Hi, my natural hair type is dry curly and wavy!!
    I have about 0.5cm hairline receding along my forehead but other area is ok 🙂
    Please help me??

  • James Hogg says:

    Hello Robin,

    I found your site while researching cocktail recipes online and am really enjoying the content offer you’ve pulled together. (My grandparents lived in Lossiemouth when I was growing up, so I have fond memories of Forres/Glenfarclas.)

    Are you still on the lookout for haircut volunteers? I’ve been stuck in the same basic asymmetry rut for a while now and would welcome some new ideas. My hair is very straight and grows very quickly and thickly, so if I’d need to start out longer than in the attached that’s no bother.

    My fiancee and I escaped the city last year to start our own retail business in the Peak District, but I’m regularly in London and can be quite flexible to suit.

    More pics here if needed:

    On a separate note, I wonder if you’d consider me as a contributor as you build out the non-grooming side of your site? I’m a freelance copywriter alongside our business, and I think the pieces I have in mind (must-try cocktails, must-watch films, must-read books) would fit in neatly with your style. On the cocktail front, my step-brother has just left his bar manager role at the Savoy and Simpson’s to move to Singapore, so he’s a font of barkeep knowledge/ideas. Film-wise I was recently working on an A-Z of ‘movies for the modern man’ for a UK film blog called EmPic when they got swiftly bought out and then sadly canned. I wouldn’t be after any £ in return, maybe just a contributor tag and the odd product sample!

    Looking forward to hearing from you,


  • Ive had the same dodgy haircut for years. Always short sides and longer on top. My hair is a browny gingery colour and is wirey. It’s a bit longer currently but in urgent need of some styling and a decent cut to flatter my fat yet long face.

  • I’ve always struggled with what words to use when asking for a haircut. Currently, I ask for a short back and sides (2) and a bit off the top which works but isn’t amazing.
    I’d like to fine a style that is easy (I’m super lazy) and short (I like my hair out of the way). I have a bad hairline so hiding that would be great too.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Alfie Lee says:

    My hair is very soft and can be hard to style.

  • Hamish Regan says:

    I am a 20 year old student who lives in London. My hair is the centre of my style and I make sure I spend time and put effort into the the way it looks. I am open to change to changing up my look.

    Many Thanks,
    Hamish Regan

  • Hamish says:

    I Am a 20 year old student who lives in London and my Hair is the centre of my look with me spending time and effort styling and choosing haircuts.

    Many Thanks,
    Hamish Regan

  • Samuel Wood says:

    Hey There! I’m a training actor and have always had an issue with my hair. I never really know what style to go for and never leave the barbers happy with the way it looks. My hair is very thick so barbers often struggle when cutting it. Up for a change so will try anything.

  • Harry Copley says:

    Twitter is @HCopiey

    I have had a similar haircut for a while up for a change though for sure!

  • Sulaimaan says:

    Have medium to long hair but struggling to deal with the in between stages

  • Tio Knight says:

    Hi Robin,
    You can’t see from the pic but there is a bald patch and a comb over going on at the age of 37. Having had long hair most of my life I just can’t bring myself to go bald gracefully. I have a “no hat no social” photo policy which is sad I know.
    It’s hard being goth when you’re losing your shit.

  • Have had the same haircut for 3 years. Keen to update/improve it!

  • Leonel Barbe says:

    Hello, my name is Leo. I just stopped two years working for SLikhaarshop/By Vilain, and I discovered your channel because I needed to understand and learn more about hairstyles and I discover also great content that I just love. I normally don´t use too much screen time apart of some science shows like Star Talk, but Man For Himself is definitevely added to the few hours I use on Youtube )well, I use to use more at work, but I stopped to work in SLikhaarshop/By Vilain). I would just love to get a hair cut in your channel when I am visiting London this 13-15 August. I hope is possible

  • Aryan Paul says:

    Need a new haircut.
    I really Don’t know which hairstyle will go on my face.
    Can’t even recognise my face shape.
    Need help.
    Btw love your videos.
    Love from India ?.

  • Aryan Paul says:

    I don’t know what hairstyle goes best on me.
    I can’t recognise my face shape.
    Really fed up from this haircut.
    Need Help.
    Btw love your videos.
    Love from India

  • Hi, not really sure what to put in here. Definitely keen on what styles you can pull out.

    My hair is very wavey, dense and thick.

  • Hey, I would love someone to show me what to do with my hair! I am starting receding and it gives me anxiety on an almost daily basis and do not feel comfortable at all. I’m getting married this November and would really like to feel confident in how I look.

    P.s. Cameras scare the s**t out of me.

  • Darryl Taylor says:

    So i’ve never really done anything my hair up until about a year ago. My fiancee pushed me to do something different drop the go to short back and sides and some off the top and spend a little bit more at a proper barber and invest in proper products.

    It has been an experimental year hair wise, different products, different barbers, varying techniques and styles and as always your website and channel has been a valuable tool in this journey so far.

    Admittedly I still struggle what to do with my hair, what to ask for, some days my hair just doesn’t want to play ball.

    Helpfully the picture I’m uploading with this was one of my better hair days. If not entirely what I was hoping to achieve this morning, i just went with it 😀

    I would really enjoy coming down to you guys to see what you can do with hair/style and what advice you can impart. Hopefully I can translate that into something I can use on my Wedding day happening in November this year.

  • Nick Huynh says:

    I’m happy for absolutely any style that looks good. Have been looking for a better way to wear my hair for a while but hasn’t gotten around to it – this sounds like the perfect opportunity!

  • Declan Rooney says:


    I’d like to get my haircut at Man For Himself HQ for YouTube. I’ve grown my curly hair out so looking for something new to do with my hair, up for anything!


  • Matt says:

    Hi, my name is Matt. I’ve been a fan of your YouTube channel for a long time, I love your hair tutorials, product recommendations and fragrance reviews in particular. It was great to talk with Robin on his latest live stream as well. The picture I took of my hair was taken today and, coincidentally I had a haircut yesterday but I can guarantee it will grow back very quickly so you’ll have something to work with. I know it’s very 2017 but I’m still in love with my bad boy skin fades and I like styling them in different ways, usually with lots of volume, sometimes as a textured quiff, sometimes as a more classic pompadour.

  • khush shah says:

    i have been a fan robin for long time. i have learnt about how to style my hair from him trying new cuts and styles. trying new products and loving them would be so honoured to have my hair cut by him.

  • Small disclaimer: I would need to keep specifically my back and sides quite neat if I was selected due to my career in the Army and dress standards etc.