Johnny Flynn: Tousled Mop Top Hairstyle

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The actor’s messy mop top couldn’t be further from his more coiffed character, Dickie Greenleaf, in Ripley (on Netflix now).

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Why We Love It:

Actor/muso Johnny Flynn clearly grew weary of his dirty blonde, polished style in Ripley, so he’s grown it out into this “I’m with the band” mop top.

He’s also given it a colour glow-up with this burnished brown.

His fine hair has natural waves, which stops it hanging limply and sitting flat against his head.

It also makes this hairstyle look less like a bowl cut and gives it a more artfully dishevelled bedhead vibe.

You know those people that say: “oh, I just get up in the morning, ruffle my hair a little and leave the house”? That’s Johnny Flynn.

What To Ask Your Barber:

  • Johnny’s wavy hair looks great in this tousled mop top haircut.
  • To get the look, your barber should use a scissor over comb technique rather than clipping.
  • Johnny’s hair is a similar length at the top and sides – so perhaps he’s growing it for a role.
  • His barber may have added in a little texture via point cutting, so that it grows out nicely, allows natural movement, and is easier to style.

Get The Look

  • Johnny’s wavymop top hairstyle is all about encouraging the natural movement of his hair.
  • Wash and condition hair using nourishing products that encourage shine.
  • But ensure that your conditioner is light and doesn’t weigh down the hair.
  • If you want to wash and go, spritz some sea salt spray on it, and give it a bit of a scrunch as it dries.
  • Or use a hairdryer on a low heat, and gently brush the hair forward at the top and sides as you dry it.
  • When dry, rub a pea-sized amount of matt clay, wax, pomade – whatever you like best  – between your fingers
  • Then tousle your hair with it to enhance the texture.
  • Use dry shampoo between washes to freshen it, and give it some extra grit which is great for texture.
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