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David Beckham has had a major style evolution. There have been some notorious faux pas from his footballer days (let’s not forget that sarong); but he has gone on to achieve the title of ‘style icon’… and for all the right reasons.

Style Evolution


Back in his glory days at Manchester United, David Beckham was someone who wasn’t afraid to test the boundaries with his personal style. He made some fairly brave and bold choices with his hair and clothing style, which earned him the front pages of most magazines and newspapers.

At the time, Beckham was quite often ridiculed for his ‘what is he thinking?’ moments (we’ve all had them) but nowadays his style has transformed him into a deserved fashion icon with an image that many men aspire to replicate.


Post-footballing, he has certainly toned down his style and tends to wear more muted tones and classic pieces. That is definitely not to say his style is anywhere near boring, but it is probably more suited to his age and he has managed to achieve his stylish status, more effortlessly.  He wears pieces that every modern man can adopt into his wardrobe and can easily be worn on a daily basis.


Here’s how to Steal His Style…


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At this month’s LFWM, Kent & Curwen (David Beckham’s clothing brand) showed their new capsule collection where they have joined forces with Peaky Blinders.  This 19th century style inspiration perfectly fits into Beckham’s own wardrobe as he is often seen layering his smart/casual looks using loose fitting trousers, leather laced-up boots, classic cotton shirting and all worn with a long-line overcoat.

He loves to accessorise with a flat cap which might not be a look everyone can pull off but it adds to his love for heritage pieces and the ‘countryside’ style.

On his very casual days, David is also regularly seen wearing washed/distressed denim and an understated classic tee. Not forgetting the flat cap! So, if you aren’t into the casual tailored style, you can still dress like Beckham in a really easy and simple way.

For the winter you can wear this with a chunky cardigan or crew neck sweater, as David does, or to take it into the evening by layering a round neck t-shirt with an unbuttoned jacket.


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Beckham looks just as good in a three piece suit as he does when dropping into the local shops. He never fails with his smart looks, always looking perfectly styled with bespoke tailored suits – either single or double breasted. To add his own touch, he tends to go for a patterned tie, worn with a pocket square and some jewellery.

These days, Beckham never goes over the top with his formal looks. He keeps it simple with navy, black and charcoal grey, but might change it up with help of an accessory; as he did at the Royal Wedding earlier in 2018 with a pocket watch chain and sunglasses.

It’s always wise to keep any facial hair well groomed when wearing a smart suit. Even with heavy stubble, David always makes sure it’s tidy.

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Unfortunately for the average folk, David Beckham can pretty much pull off anything at the gym. As a regular visitor to Barry’s Bootcamp and SoulCycle, he clearly still enjoys building up a serious sweat.

His outfits normally feature compression/basketball tights under long loose shorts, which a lot of guys don’t enjoy wearing, but he still manages to make it look cool – the tattoos probably help. He tends to wear them with a fresh pair of trainers (he loves a neon!) and either a short sleeved or sleeveless round neck t-shirt.

You can guarantee he will be wearing some sort of cap or beanie as he leaves as well.

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There is no way we can count how many different hairstyles David Beckham has tried. Some successful, some not so successful… remember those braids and the double pony tail? He certainly is the king of experimenting! Luckily now, he has gone for a style that is more suited for his age with a classic short back and sides with more volume and texture on top. He has also started to embrace the inevitable greys!

How to achieve this style

  • Give into the grey!
  • Ask for your hair to be cut square.
  • When it comes to styling, it’s more about volume and less about texture. Try a mousse or smooth spray.
  • Style with a cream wax or softer clay for a less severe finish.

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