Who else do you watch.

Man For Himself ForumWho else do you watch.
Chris asked 3 years ago

This isn’t as creepy a question as it looks.
Who else do you guys watch and enjoy on Youtube for your fashion,lifestyle and grooming advice?
I struggle with a lot of them as I feel they’re just out for themselves and it’s hard to believe many of the reviews and tests. I quite enjoy TDM Style and Weston Boucher at the moment – I’ve stopped watching the Bluuman, Costa and Dre vidoe’s as I feel a lot of them are just centered around their own products and how good they are… Until Robin tells us the truth about them
Any other people you recommend ?

Henri replied 3 years ago

Alex Costa is great. He doesn’t rely on peoples insecurities to sell his products. Seems like a great guy.

The Opinionated Brit replied 3 years ago

I’m a big fan of TDM and Modern Man TV. Both have good channels and both are down to earth guys.

danishkz replied 3 years ago

You should check out Alex Costa, his videos are straight to the point and pretty good

Robin James Staff replied 3 years ago

I'm also intrigued by this.

And yes, Jordan is a great guy. Really nice!

Chris replied 3 years ago

Haven’t watched his stuff. I’ll check it out 🙂

Simon H replied 3 years ago

I like Jordan O’Brien. He seems a nice guy.

5 Answers
Henri answered 3 years ago

Jose Zuniga’s teachingmensfashion.

brianfireball23 replied 1 year ago

In terms of the youtubers that I watch besides Joe from Blumaan, Dre Drexler, and Alex Costa. The other youtubers that I watch when it comes to grooming and hair product honest reviews I watch Mike from Modern Man TV and Matt TDM style, and Kai. These guys give a great insight of what these products are all about so that way we as viewers can make the choice on whether to buy the product or not and they don’t overhype products.

fenix33 replied 1 year ago

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Chris replied 3 years ago

Thanks Henri, will check it out

Benjamin White answered 3 years ago

Teaching Mens fashion is a great chanel!
Alpha M is okay if you can get past his typical sales man approach to things.
Fragrance channels are my goto most the times :
Demi Rawling (females Perspective on mens fragrances)
Fragrance Brothers
Brooklyn Fragrance Lover
Max Forti 

These are a few I like to have a gander at when not watching ManforHimself of course

Chris replied 3 years ago

I do like Jeremy’s videos and his car ! – I spend a lot of time in duty free due to him! Need to check some of those others out later. Cheers Benjamin

Adrian answered 3 years ago

For grooming, I enjoy Matt at TDM Style (hilarious), Mike at Spruce and Sharp (honest reviews), and SlickbackSundays and last but not least, Mike at ModernManTV (one of the most thorough reviewers on hair products). I still watch Blumaan and Alex Costa but not so much on their opinions on products anymore since, as you said, they are typically pushing a lot of their own products. 

jonuiuc answered 3 years ago

Most of my product stuff on YouTube concerns watches (I can give you a million watch channels lol).  I like that Kavalier guy for online clothing store reviews.  My original interest in product YouTube was garment tailoring and construction.  On the skin care side I like Liah Yoo for her sciency videos on skincare (I never new dry skin and dehydrated skin were two separate issues), and Cyrille Laurent seems to be on my page when it comes to skin product evaluations.  Hair product I only watch Robin and the Pomp (my hair product outlook is somewhere in between these two).  For Haircut stuff, I watch Schorem, Haarsnijder & Barbier and the Salon Guy, I just find haircut videos relaxing lol.

jonuiuc replied 3 years ago

Lately my favorite watch guy has been IDGuy, hes a industrial designer and gives a different take on watches. One reviewer I should mention is DevonReviewer, he does more denim and workwear (like boots etc.), he’s nice as he’ll give 6 month, 12 month, type reviews of stuff he wears and you can see how it wears.

Chris replied 3 years ago

Same I enjoy Urban Gentry and Just one more watch as well as a few others.

Matt answered 3 years ago

Obviously I watch MFH, I also like AlphaM and the Gentleman’s Gazette for style. For specifically hair related things, I’ll occasionally watch Beardbrand.

Lollitta17 replied 1 year ago

Are you sure you’ve seen Alex Costa videos? He’s very cringy. I love watching travelling content.