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fez asked 3 years ago

Hi all, just thought I’d come by and ask you all where you shop for your clothes? I usually shop at the mainstream brands like H&M, but I am aware that a lot of people loathe the big retailers for lack of quality. Any ideas for where I should look to shop?

arturovidal replied 4 months ago

You can try to look at one interesting site. There will be a URL where you can create your own clothes. And moreover, T-shirts are made of organic and recycled materials and less waste due to on-demand production. So I think you should definitely come in and try to create your own things!

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Xxzooos answered 3 years ago

Give Asos a try !!

fez replied 3 years ago

Thanks, I’ll check it out!

ddrkk answered 3 years ago

Obviously depends massively on your budget and personal taste but ill drop  some at all varying price points.
Uniqlo is definitely my number 1 ‘fast fashion’ retailer for a number of reasons. Good consistent quality with the fabric development and experimentation of much higher technical brands.
Cos Has great stuff at a slightly higher price point. Id suggest this more if you’re looking to mature your style and maybe experiment with new minimalistic shapes and styles. They’re also great for basics although I would still shop at Uniqlo for them over anyone. 
Weekday also offers something different at a slightly cheaper price point than COS. Great if you’re taste is more streetwear orientated but don’t want to ship the money at Designer brands.
The Kooples are very cool if you’re into more a skinny, more rock n roll style although a lot of the stuff is very flamboyant and not too my taste I’m sure they offer some more minimal pieces also.
Although i can’t speak on quality Reiss has some great stuff on there website if you’re very much into the smart/casual crossover. Very ivy league. 
Hope there was some help there

JordanAddery replied 5 months ago


Benjamin White replied 3 years ago

Hello Fez!

I Recently traveled through the UK and found a bunch of great basic retailers below,

Uniqlo was great for basic essentials and are really trying to be eco friendly which is fantastic!
H&M was also great for a variety of basic essentials and also formal dressing on a budget
Primark very similar to H&M but better Mens range especially for adults

These were fantastic for basic items I stocked up as in Australia we only have on H&M in our city and its very dismal.

fez replied 3 years ago

Helps lots! Thank you!