Thoughts on the forum so far…

Man For Himself ForumThoughts on the forum so far…
Simon H asked 3 years ago

I thought it would be useful to have a thread for thoughts on the forum so that it can keep being improved… Here are a few of mine….

  1. Forums are annoying when you constantly need a mod to approve comments. Best to let the discussion flow and then use mods to delete dodgy posts (ask for volunteer mods to help)
  2. Treat it more like a discussion forum where we can talk to each other and keep discussion going as opposed to a pure question and answer set up
  3. Allow a section for discussing ‘stuff’ as opposed to just the limited categories

Feels like this could be a place for like-minded individuals to discuss life etc. Which would drive user engagement, traffic etc too so a win win.

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Robin James Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks Simon. 
This is beyond useful… and the first post added to our “General Chat” category. Your suggestion! 
Will also look to the other bits too. 

Simon H replied 3 years ago

My pleasure, I work in this kind of field (in a way) anyway 🙂

Great start though so hopefully it’ll really take off!

Benjamin White answered 3 years ago

I have only one issue I’ve found with the forums so far is that on the mobile site it sometime overlaps a bottom video or photo from the page with the post button so you are unable to post an answer, other than that the technical side of things is running very smoothly.

Benjamin White replied 3 years ago

Hi Robin,

Currently running the iPhone 11 pro on the iOS 13.2.3 hope this helps!
Thankyou for creating the space to help each other.

Robin James Staff replied 3 years ago

Thanks Benjamin. I will take a look at this today.
Are you able to tell me what mobile/operating system you are using? Will help to tweak.
ALSO, thanks for getting so involved. I’m seeing it all!

Simon H answered 3 years ago

Wondering if there are too many categories perhaps? Skincare and shaving? Hair loss, product and style?
I wanted to asked about my beard and styling it and came up confused as to where to put it too…

Robin James Staff replied 3 years ago

Thanks Simon. Will see how this goes. I’d probably pop facial hair in shaving. But we can change that up.