Men’s Grooming/Selfcare and Stigma attached

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Benjamin White asked 2 years ago

Hi All!
This forum has really been a great place to chat about things that most of us wouldn\’t necessarily get the chance to do with friends in person, What I would like to ask you all as a community is how have you found the Stigma attached to Mens grooming and selfcare?

Personally living in Australia I don\’t really have anyone to talk to buy for one person when it comes into grooming, skincare and fragrances my other mates are all under the impression taking care of themselves and presenting nicely is a waste of money! So really want to see what everyone else\’s experience has been like when it comes to the side of Male selfcare!

I encourage absolutely anyone to post a question about something they may be wondering about on this forum It has been a huge help for myself and I personally think its a very safe place when it comes to asking questions that you may feel otherwise ashamed to ask other men in person!

AdanBrown replied 6 months ago

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BobCalen replied 6 months ago

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Robin James Staff replied 2 years ago

I really love reading this. I really want this to be a space for us all to discuss.

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Chris answered 2 years ago

I feel like it’s becoming more common now with men, certainly ten years ago there wasn’t half as many options for men in the grooming/selfcare world. I think men are beginning to accept its okay to care about how you look and feel and you won’t be mocked for it.
I live just outside of Glasgow, Scotland and feel like nowadays I can chat with most guys about grooming/style and selfcare quite freely.

Robin James Staff replied 2 years ago

Absolutely agree with you, Chris. More ‘normalised’ now.
But Benjamin, I do think it all depends on where we are. For me, I live and breathe it, so it’s an everyday thing.

Benjamin White replied 2 years ago

See this is what I would come to expect over in the UK/EU and so forth I think its more in Australia that it is still very cut off and out dated from the rest of the world due to the fact that a-lot of our culture is based on Trade style work which I do but its very blokey mannerism towards it and talking about this sort of stuff makes you “Gay” which is a shame.

Alex7 answered 2 years ago

I believe that a man who takes care of himself shows self respect. Things aren’t so bad today as they were years ago.