Formal xmas work event

MetalMan asked 11 months ago

Hi guys, I need help in deciding what to wear to my works xmas do.
I wanted to go with a navy blue suit and different colour waistcoat and tie, any suggestions?

MetalMan replied 11 months ago

Lol thanks but not quite the look I’m going for 🤣

Matt_B replied 11 months ago

How about a woolly jumper with rudolph on it! 😀

2 Answers
Chris answered 11 months ago

I would personally always go with a waistcoat the same colour as my suit.

ddrkk answered 11 months ago

You can only go wrong with a navy suit if its not tailored correctly! Personally, unless you’re looking to draw attention though I would avoid any bold colours with the waist coat and tie.
If i was going I would just keep it simple. Well tailored tweed sports coat with a deep navy knit jumper and pale shirt underneath. Moleskin trousers in a dark brown or navy. With brown leather penny loafers or twin monk shoes.