Why is my skin so dry?

Man For Himself ForumCategory: Skin CareWhy is my skin so dry?
Benjamin Whittle asked 5 months ago

Hello, I find at the moment that the skin on my face is really dry. I put moisturiser on in the morning after a shower but by the end of the day it is still dry. Please can someone help. Thanks

fez replied 4 months ago

Well it is getting close to winter now and skin is more susceptible to getting dry. You might have to try different types of moisturizers, or use it more than just once a day.

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Xxzooos answered 4 months ago

Hmmm maybe you need to try a thicker cream or Reapplying it when ever you’re feeling your skin starts to dry
it can be duo to a hard or dry environment 
ask a dermatologist if that didn’t work!!

joshferry answered 4 months ago

Drink. All. The. Water. Seriously, this helps a ton. Get in the habit of carrying a water bottle and keep it filled.
I know it sounds too simple to work, but its certainly beneficial in more than one way.
Sometimes, more moisturizer isn’t always the solution!

Xxzooos replied 4 months ago

I can’t agree more !!!

joshferry replied 4 months ago

also, obviously don’t stop moisturizing though, lol. stay consistent with that too!