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Benjamin White asked 2 years ago

Hi All!

Just wondering if anyone can recommend a really accessible non-oily / greasy moisturizer as I am currently using the Bulldog age defense SPF moisturizer for during the day but find its a bit to greasy for my personal preference.

Any recommendations will be really appreciated, I say highly accessible as I live in Australia it is sometimes hard to get products!

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Robin James Staff answered 2 years ago

Hey Benjamin. The Bulldog Oil Moisturiser is great. Also love the Murad Oil Control ( – Affiliate link) is my favourite at the moment.  

Benjamin White replied 2 years ago

Thankyou for that robin, will look into seeing if there’s any local stockist!

Chris answered 2 years ago

I love Kiehls products, work so well for my skin. The ultra facial cream isn’t the cheapest but last me a good 5-6 months so worthwhile, they do a facial fuel which is a mens moisturiser but I found it to be not quite as effective.
If you have a local stockists or shop go in and speak to them, they’ll give you a few testers and it’ll help you decide which is best for your face !

Benjamin White replied 2 years ago

Thankyou Chris, I have seen Kiehls around in the city and have been meaning to pop in and check them out but now you have recommended them I will make an effort to pop in and try their services and products out!

ritchie answered 2 years ago

I second the Kheils, especially the oil eliminator range