Non-Oily Moisturizers

Benjamin White asked 10 months ago

Hi All!

Just wondering if anyone can recommend a really accessible non-oily / greasy moisturizer as I am currently using the Bulldog age defense SPF moisturizer for during the day but find its a bit to greasy for my personal preference.

Any recommendations will be really appreciated, I say highly accessible as I live in Australia it is sometimes hard to get products!

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Robin James Staff answered 10 months ago

Hey Benjamin. The Bulldog Oil Moisturiser is great. Also love the Murad Oil Control ( – Affiliate link) is my favourite at the moment.  

Benjamin White replied 10 months ago

Thankyou for that robin, will look into seeing if there’s any local stockist!

Chris answered 10 months ago

I love Kiehls products, work so well for my skin. The ultra facial cream isn’t the cheapest but last me a good 5-6 months so worthwhile, they do a facial fuel which is a mens moisturiser but I found it to be not quite as effective.
If you have a local stockists or shop go in and speak to them, they’ll give you a few testers and it’ll help you decide which is best for your face !

Benjamin White replied 10 months ago

Thankyou Chris, I have seen Kiehls around in the city and have been meaning to pop in and check them out but now you have recommended them I will make an effort to pop in and try their services and products out!

ritchie answered 10 months ago

I second the Kheils, especially the oil eliminator range