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Kane Simpson asked 3 years ago

I have dark bags and purple under my eyes. How do you get rid of it?

Marty McFly replied 2 years ago

I had this and still get this every now and then, and I’ve found personally it gets much better with drinking a lot of water, less screen time, and decent sleep. I tried eye creams which didn’t do anything, the cold spoon trick feels better than it actually looks I think, and concealer does work but not something to ideally do all the time. Try more water, less screen time. Hopefully that helps!

Panix replied 2 years ago

Hmmm the minute i posted this i found an article below in the “You’ll also like” section explaining everything actually. Very informative and helpfull. Thanks Robin.

Panix replied 2 years ago

Do you think the frozen spoon trick is all it is required? If I do this let's say for a month every day will I be able to see results? I am struggling with a similar issue and have tried various things like moisturizers etc but cant seem to make them go away. It's also definitely not a sleep thing. I sleep a solid 8 hours a day. What are the reasons that mostly affect this area usually? Is it a specific nutrition deficiency? Too many hours in front of the PC? How should i start about trying to fix this problem and not just cover it up?

peEpEe_POopoOo0o replied 3 years ago

The easiest way BY FAR is just using concealer (at least from what I’ve seen). If you want to outright REMOVE them rather than hide them, you’d need something like an expensive eye cream or the self-discipline to be able to hold frozen spoons to your eyes for an hour a day. At that point, you might as well just use your iron will to ascend to a dimension beyond the mortal worries of eye bags.