Looking for a new electric shaver

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ad_astra asked 6 months ago

Gents, after several years of wet shaving I am considering getting an electric shaver just to save more time. 

Plus – any recommendations on what kind of product I should be after? I have some sensitive skin under my chin, if this matters, but overall recommendations are more than welcomed. Since, well, I did my research and it was overwhelming. So many sources around the internet promoting different products whilst average reviews (comparing to feedback from smaller sources) are not that great. Though, I found some realistic feedback at wet shaving (beard den it was?) forum and shavelab site. In the old days I used a Philips dry shaver, which I actually liked but accidentally killed. I know that there is the eternal “dispute” between Braun and Philips, that’s all. But what are my real options?

Thanks in advance.