First Date..

Chris asked 1 year ago

Any hints and tips for a first date?
I came out of a long term relationship earlier in the year and this is my first ‘first’ date for a long time!

Chris replied 1 year ago

Thanks Samsw 🙂 Appreciate it !

samsw replied 1 year ago

Be yourself
Enjoy yourself
And I’m sure your date will enjoy themselves too

1 Answers
Benjamin White answered 1 year ago

Hey mate! 

Be yourself, Be proud in yourself and remember that confidence is key. Make yourself feel good when ever I go on a date I get that special fragrance out And make sure to dress to make yourself feel that extra confidence.
But at the end of the day if you are yourself and your date likes you for who you are that’s all that matters! 

Benjamin White replied 1 year ago

Hey mate nervousness will always kick in but it’s always expected she will be a bit nervous also, so just be friendly make common conversation find out what she does for a living, or what her goals and aspirations are! Just make friendly chat buddy 🙂

Chris replied 1 year ago

Thanks Benjamin – Bit nervous but to be expected really, confidence is key but can’t find any of that for sale anywhere locally just now !! thanks for the reply.