Washing your Hair: when to use and not use shampoo

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Cen5tia asked 1 month ago

Hello I’ve recently watched you’re guys video of washing your hair too much, and I’m still a little confused as too how much i should wash my hair when i have products in it. I’m out almost everyday for work purposes so I apply stuff in my hair but then i do wash (without shampoo) only my hair most of the week. I only every shampoo every 4-5 days. Is this routine okay or am i really off mark?

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ellajackson answered 1 month ago

Na this routine is okay, I am skin and hair specialist and I suggest you to use organic hair shampoo. Ritecoupons have all skin and hair care organic products. You can use Ritecoupons deals and coupons to get an exclusive discount on each items.