Anyone developed a mild online shopping addiction during the pandemic?

Man For Himself ForumCategory: Health & WellbeingAnyone developed a mild online shopping addiction during the pandemic?
CBS MEL asked 1 year ago

I sometimes can’t get through my front door because of all the Amazon boxes piling up. I’m a writer with MEL Magazine, working on a story about guys like me who are shopping a lot more during the pandemic. Curious if there’s anyone else out there in a similar position? 

Billius replied 2 months ago

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arturovidal replied 2 months ago

I started making a bunch of wild purchases that I didn’t even need at first glance. All because of the quarantine. I started ordering a bunch of different things online. Maybe you even know a couple of them. For example, my last purchase was a smart security system, which you can read more about on this web resource. In any case, this is a very useful investment in future home security, right? Not like a bunch of games that I bought in steam and half of which I didn’t even play…

katiedaniel446 replied 6 months ago

I guess everyone did. lol

Lollitta17 replied 7 months ago

Buying stuff online never was an addiction for me.

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ellaharry45 answered 11 months ago

Me and my hubby also in a similar row, we also did too much shopping this year online, for any event, the holiday we did from different online stores, because its a safest way to do shopping without going anywhere, in fact, my hubby did his Christmas shopping from Mens Tuxedo Usa Coupons, on here varieties of collections are available at a low rate, I must recommend everyone to do shopping from online stores.

arturovidal replied 4 months ago

Sure, I felt a little addicted to this, haha. Also, I was always thinking about travelling.

Gregory Underwood replied 7 months ago

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