What to ask the barber/hair stylist for Slightly receding & thinning hair

Ashman77 asked 1 year ago

Hi All
I have a slightly receding hairline and my hair a little bit thinner at the front. Other than using hair thickening products what should I ask my barber/hair stylist for when I go to get my haircut?

I would like the cut to make my hair look thicker. What are the terminology’s or sayings I should ask the barber/hairstylist?

I have fairly shortish hair and usually style it with a bit of a Quiff or side part.
Thanks Ash

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Henri answered 1 year ago

Tell them NOT to use thinning scissors. If you want to achieve some more volume, ask them to cut shorter on the back, and longer on the front. This way the hair in the front will be supported more and it will stay up easier. Also, use matte products for a thicker look.