What haircut is best for medium to long hair and how to style dry and high natural volume hair?

Agon asked 4 weeks ago

Hi everyone 
I always wanted to have that elegant and sexy (not too) long hair like David Beckham’s or Leonardo Di Caprio’s , a soft type of pushed back  hair which you can style and move it the way you want.
When my hair get a bit longer then normal i always have the desire to have that hairstyle of  my dreams but everytime i end up cutting because it gets so heavy , voluminous, dry (especially the ends), kinda elastic(i cant reaylly style it the way i want) and my head also looks bigger.
So what i want to know first is how to cut my hair in order to adapt that type of haristyle , then what type of products do i need to use to style it .
P.S You can see the pic i uploaded, i want my hair similiar to this guy’s
Thank you and have a nice day ^_^

1 Answers
johan answered 4 days ago

Hi, thanks for this info. I really like short hair cuts and you know there are so many hairstyles that you can do with short hair I bet you never knew about that. Check this link https://therighthairstyles.com/short-layered-hairstyles/ and you will find lots of short hairstyles that look really beautiful. I change my style twice a week.