Thoughts on my hair

Simon H asked 2 years ago

So I’m 40 years old and I’m starting to worry my hair is receding. I’ve always had a high hairline and I’m not fully convinced there’s been much change but I’m getting a touch more paranoid about it.
I’m also trying to grow it out at the minute. Not really with any great aim or purpose in mind, I just thought I’d grow it for 3 months until the new year.

I guess I’m wondering:
Does it look like my hair is receding
What style would suit me
What products might work for me
I’m currently using Kevin Murphy Rough Rider (which feel a bit pully and dry in my hair) and a By Villain Sidekick Zero (which feels a bit horrible and dry too).

HobgoblinGenuineAle420 replied 2 years ago

Your hairline is receding unfortunately
Honestly that suits you well because the beard and forehead exposure in your style are nicely complimenting each other, if u had a fringe it may look bear like. I like it a lot honestly.
Cause of how hair products that are water based dry out almost all the time they leave your hair feeling quite productless by the end of the day all i can suggest is buy a pomade with properties so it wont dry out then your hair can feel healthier with a light coating used in conjunction with hairspray u wont have gloopy hairs. Dropping the hairspray would be most beneficial to lessening the dryness i despise hairspray as it makes hair straw like for me but then again i dont need it