Shaving my hair using hair clipper

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Peter Jones asked 1 year ago

Hi all! I am new to the forum Smile Knowing that this forum’s got experienced members who excel in performing haircuts for themselves, so I am writing to kindly seek your advice. Due to the covid, I started to perform haircut by myself without visiting the barbers. 2 months ago, I bought a Braun hair clipper. I found it relatively easy to use. It’s very easy to trim those side hair, for example. However, throughout the process, I found 2 places not being easy to work on.

(1) The first one is the very back part of my side hair. It’s more like the connected parts between the side and back hair. I trim it from bottom to top just as what I did to my front part of my hairs on the 2 sides, but it seems that those hairs at the back of the side are still there and cannot be trimmed away. Therefore, when I look at the mirror, the front part of my side hair is nearly all gone, but those side hair at the back seems to be pointing outwards in a strange way. Is there anyway to resolve the issue? Shall I be trimming hair from side to back for such back side hair?

(2) Most of my top hair can be worked on using scissors. However, on the really top part of the hair, it’s hard to trim that part away, so it’s like there are sticks sitting on top of my hair and pointing upwards obviously, whereas the front part of my top hair is simply gone. Is that also related to the top of my back hair that I shall use my clipper to trim away in order to remove those “pointing upwards hair”?

Thank you very much for your help in advance! Sorry for being unclear and a complete idiot in haircut which I cannot make use of those specialist terminology to substantiate my case in a clear manner…