Receding hairline… hairstyles and hair products, shorter/longer/chopped off?

Tom asked 10 months ago

Hey guys,
so many people say their own self are their worst critics… This might apply to me. I’m super conscious about my hairline. I know, first world problems, all that… 
But I have no idea. I’m 23 y/o and I’ve had it like this since I was 16 or 17 (before that I wore fringe hairstyles so I have no idea if it was like that before then).
I’m currently using Label M’s thickening tonic, Rough Rider as a post-styler or Northern Lights, for a messy sideswept style or if I want it a little neater with a parting I go for FHS all purpose pomade.
What do you think? Is it bad/good? Any feedback on which hairstyle I should rock, shorter length, longer, maybe even chop it all off?
Thanks a lot from Germany!

2 Answers
Tom answered 10 months ago

Just a picture, hopefully everybody can see what I mean.  

Henri answered 10 months ago

Honestly I think your hairstyle fits really well with your hairline. If you want to change it up, you could go a little shorter, but I think it’s great how it is now.
If you want to try to chop it all off, go for it. It’ll grow back, tho it will take a while. You might love it, you never know!
Also, David Beckham has a receeded hairline, and he has experimented with quite a number of hairstyles with it. You could try one of those.