Receding hairline… hairstyles and hair products, shorter/longer/chopped off?

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Tom asked 3 years ago

Hey guys,
so many people say their own self are their worst critics… This might apply to me. I’m super conscious about my hairline. I know, first world problems, all that… 
But I have no idea. I’m 23 y/o and I’ve had it like this since I was 16 or 17 (before that I wore fringe hairstyles so I have no idea if it was like that before then).
I’m currently using Label M’s thickening tonic, Rough Rider as a post-styler or Northern Lights, for a messy sideswept style or if I want it a little neater with a parting I go for FHS all purpose pomade.
What do you think? Is it bad/good? Any feedback on which hairstyle I should rock, shorter length, longer, maybe even chop it all off?
Thanks a lot from Germany!

2 Answers
Tom answered 3 years ago

Just a picture, hopefully everybody can see what I mean.  

Henri answered 3 years ago

Honestly I think your hairstyle fits really well with your hairline. If you want to change it up, you could go a little shorter, but I think it’s great how it is now.
If you want to try to chop it all off, go for it. It’ll grow back, tho it will take a while. You might love it, you never know!
Also, David Beckham has a receeded hairline, and he has experimented with quite a number of hairstyles with it. You could try one of those.