Prestyling thick and curvy wavy hair

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Daniel A.B. asked 2 years ago

Hi there! I have a head for of amazing curly /wavy hair with a longer version of a gentlemen’s cut. I use sea salt spray and blow dry my hair to give it volume and tame it but I find at times it will have a life of it’s own . I was wondering if there are any suggestions to tame wild curls, specially when I’m rushing for work! Many thanks!

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Peter Le answered 2 years ago

I would suggest stepping away from sea salt spray as it makes the hair quite dry and coarse, yes there’s lots of volume and textures but that doesnt really help with your hair type and style. Maybe go with something a bit smoother like argan oil or a pre-styling cream, I find that 2-3 drops of argan oil + blumaan original styling meraki works good for my thick asian hairtype, or go with O’douds The Styling Treatment, by far the best pre-styling cream I’ve used. You can also use either argan oil or the o’douds styling cream to condition your hair at night so it will be softer the next day, just leave it in damped hair for a few hours and rinse it off. For days that you are not rushing I would suggest trying the flat wrapping blowdry technique on Blumaan or Andrew Does Hair youtube channel, it takes a bit of time but the result is quite amazing. Hope you find this helpful and have a nice day.

Alex replied 2 years ago

Peter Le I have same problem like Daniel A.B. I have black, thick and wavy hair. Iam growing it long and I have problem tame them. So for pre-styling you recommend O’douds and argan oil. You use this every single day. What about hair styling. Whats best for my type of hair and length. Matt paste, clay or maybe something else. I want to have manageable hair.

Daniel A.B. replied 2 years ago

Thanks for that, I think as my hair is longer at the time the curls are getting more prominent and sea salt spray adds to the puff effect. I did give it a go with a mixture of reuzel hair tonic and argan oil (that I forgot I made) this morning and the results have been more control during styling, maintaining volume but none of that difficulty in styling. Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll be sure to look up the O’douds product!