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Ryan asked 2 years ago

Naturally, I have a high hairline so I was wondering what procedures or things can be done to perhaps lower the hairline? Generally, I have my hair styled back as I don’t really like having it forward.
Thanks, any feedback is appreciated!


Btw I have uploaded a photo but idk if the website is working?

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Ryan answered 2 years ago


Joshh567 answered 2 years ago

I think your hairline looks great.

Robin James Staff replied 2 years ago

Me too!

Ryan replied 2 years ago

Oh, thanks!

Henri answered 2 years ago

Man, you’re worrying about it too much. Your hairline looks perfectly normal. I don’t think there are any shampoos or any way you could lower your hairline home, without a professionals help. There are hair transplants, which are expensive and have their risks.
But really, your hairline looks good.

Henri replied 2 years ago

Not any that I can think of right now. I’ll check if I can find any later and I’ll come back to you.

Ryan replied 2 years ago

Yeah, at the moment I just try to follow the likes of Ryan Gosling but his face shape is a little different to mine. Do you perhaps have any photos or celebrities you could think of that would suit me? If not, that’s not a problem.

Henri replied 2 years ago

Happy to help! You can also experiment with different hairstyles. Higher and more volumised hairstyles will frame your face differently and it might help,

Ryan replied 2 years ago

Thanks, I have researched it a bit and I might consider a hair transplant in later life (just because I can’t afford it at the moment). I’ve been made aware of my hairline/forehead from tons of people so it’s always on my mind (pun not intended). Maybe I am overthinking it? Thanks for the compliment 🙂