Huge forehead/High hairline

Ryan asked 11 months ago

Naturally, I have a high hairline so I was wondering what procedures or things can be done to perhaps lower the hairline? Generally, I have my hair styled back as I don’t really like having it forward.
Thanks, any feedback is appreciated!


Btw I have uploaded a photo but idk if the website is working?

3 Answers
Ryan answered 11 months ago


Joshh567 answered 11 months ago

I think your hairline looks great.

Robin James Staff replied 10 months ago

Me too!

Ryan replied 10 months ago

Oh, thanks!

Henri answered 10 months ago

Man, you’re worrying about it too much. Your hairline looks perfectly normal. I don’t think there are any shampoos or any way you could lower your hairline home, without a professionals help. There are hair transplants, which are expensive and have their risks.
But really, your hairline looks good.

Henri replied 10 months ago

Not any that I can think of right now. I’ll check if I can find any later and I’ll come back to you.

Ryan replied 10 months ago

Yeah, at the moment I just try to follow the likes of Ryan Gosling but his face shape is a little different to mine. Do you perhaps have any photos or celebrities you could think of that would suit me? If not, that’s not a problem.

Henri replied 10 months ago

Happy to help! You can also experiment with different hairstyles. Higher and more volumised hairstyles will frame your face differently and it might help,

Ryan replied 10 months ago

Thanks, I have researched it a bit and I might consider a hair transplant in later life (just because I can’t afford it at the moment). I’ve been made aware of my hairline/forehead from tons of people so it’s always on my mind (pun not intended). Maybe I am overthinking it? Thanks for the compliment 🙂