How many inches of hair do i need to make my hair hang down?

Man For Himself ForumCategory: Hairstyles and HaircutsHow many inches of hair do i need to make my hair hang down?
Chad27 asked 1 year ago

Hey, so i have about 5inches of hair, and my hair is reallllly strong, and wawy. Not the most wawy, but not straight for sure. I have a slickback hair, and i want it to be look really natural, so if i bend down, or run or something like that i want it to hang down. And i see that other people with shorter but straighter hair can do that. But for me, it’s never hang down, it’s just always rises to the  clouds. So my question is, how many inches of hair i need to hang down a really strong, somewhat wawy hair? Sorry if my text is confusing, my main language is not english.

Chad27 replied 1 year ago

Please someone help mee!

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johan answered 1 year ago

Hey there, we all hafta take good care of your hair and skin. Then their beauty will go just naturally. But in the modern living conditions it is not so easy. So perhaps you can check out this website inverted bob with bangs  and see how beautiful haircuts can accentuate your natural looks and beauty too.

Chad27 replied 1 year ago

Thanks man, but i don’t think you understood my question 🙁