Alan Beak asked 2 years ago

Hey Robin , i watched your new Video and i have a question about your advice when you say don’t apply product to warm hair , cool it or cool it naturaly , with cool it you mean with a blow dryer with cold shot right ?
(actually it is self-explanatory but wanted to be sure)

When I have finished my hair, I blow dry it for about 1 minute with the cold shot but I dare not to grab my hair too much that I do not break the hairstyle but that is maybe exactly the mistake, whats your advice ?
i hope you understand my english ?

2 Answers
Robin James Staff answered 2 years ago

Hey! You can let it cool naturally or cool shot it. Either work. 
I think you’re doing the right thing… and if it works for you, go for it! 

ddrkk answered 2 years ago

Im not robin but when you are blow drying your hair you shouldn’t worry about breaking the style with your hands too much because you’re just building the base of the hairstyle. By trying to achieve the hairstyle you want with your hair by delicately handling it your missing the opportunity to build more volume and texture which will actually HELP your style last through the day longer!  Also, once you apply styling product after you have blow dried it (which i assume you do?) you should really be messing the style up a little bit to make sure your hair is thoroughly coated in the stuff. 
When i was younger i was very similar to you but eventually realised I was just hindering the style  
Hope this helped.