What are the Best clays for fine/medium hair types.

Man For Himself ForumCategory: Hair ProductsWhat are the Best clays for fine/medium hair types.
Barry asked 3 years ago

Hey, Robin, I have a similar hair type to you and I was wondering a list of clays that you love to use and work well.

Robin James Staff replied 3 years ago

YES! Representing the Wella Silvikrin. Love that you use this!

Mike R replied 3 years ago

I’ve just picked up Hanz De Fuko claymation, and I’m really enjoying it!

Toni and Guy Sea Salt spray for a bit of texture (but I will try a different pre-styler next)
Hanz de Fuko Claymation
And… Wella Silverkrin Maximum hold – seriously guys!

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Benjamin White answered 3 years ago

Hi mate, 
I have very similar hair to Robin also and I personally found the following really my goto products over the past year.
Odouds matte paste
Kevin Murphy rough rider 
Label M Matt paste 
All have been outstanding products and I personally use Kevin Murphy as I live in Australia and is very accessible! If you want any more information I’m more than happy to help!

Simon H replied 3 years ago

I’ve found Rough Rider to be a bit too matte so my hair looks fluffy and not done. How do you find the others in comparison?