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Peter D asked 2 years ago

I’m a new convert to your website and am loving the tutorials, product reviews and advice, keep up the great work!
I am now using Aveda pre-styling thickening spray after washing my hair,  blow drying then adding paste or clay to style.  This is working well.  My question, however, is this: If I have had a shower and have rinsed but not shampooed my hair on a particular morning (I am trying to cut down the amount of times I shampoo my hair) should I:

  1. add more pre-styling product and blow dry again
  2. add more pre-styling spray but towel dry
  3. don’t add any more pre-styling spray and blow dry 
  4. don’t add any more pre-styling spray and towel dry
  5. Stick with washing my hair every day!

My hair is fine at the front, thin on the crown and thick at the sides, i.e. male pattern balding, but I had a very successful hair transplant 3 years ago which has given me back a hairline and an age appropriate widow’s peak and want to make the most of my new hair at the front.  I have it cut close at the sides and leave a bit of length on the front and want to quiff it up more and hold that quiff in place.
Apologies for the long question but I look forward to hearing from you soon.