Travelling with mousse and dry shampoo?

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Josh asked 2 years ago

Hi All,
Im off soon on my travels for 2 months and i will only be using carry on luggage so no liquids over 100ml.
Can anyone please advise the best hair mousse to take with me? im currently using Vo5 mega hold however its 200mls so wont go through airport security.
Also dry shampoo as well? ive seen Batiste which is very cheap or am I better off going for Perfect hair day dry shampoo by Living proof? ive also seen the Aveda powder however the reviews dont seem great.
ps. I have short, fine hair.
Thanks in advance

BryanL replied 2 years ago

Hi Josh,

I’ve only tried Batiste and it worked great! left my hair feeling less oily and refreshed without adding a ton of fragrance. It just smells clean.

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Benjamin White answered 2 years ago

G’day Josh, 

Personally use batiste and it does what its meant to and for the right price also, I wouldn’t spend to much money on anything that you may have to throw out and I know batiste actually do a travel sized dry shampoo which is really handy, as for mousse I when traveling always just buy my mousse and hairspray in my destination and use it as a throw away item.