Need a new styling product.

Man For Himself ForumCategory: Hair ProductsNeed a new styling product.
Arkisys asked 2 years ago

Hello, I have really puffy, wavy hair that I have a hard time getting products through without ripping my hair out. Right now I’ve been using moon paste by nostalgic grooming, and I love it and I can get it in my hair no problem, but I find myself really wishing I could get more texture and definition. I tried shear revival’s matte paste and it made my hair look amazing, but kind of hurt to put in my hair. Could anyone recommend a product that is on the lowish end of the shine scale, without being overly matte, really easy to get into your hair, and that can still good give texture and separation, if that’s even possible out of a product. Price and hold don’t matter too much, my hair is pretty coarse and stiff so it tends to stiffen into place on it’s own without needing too much help. Thanks for the help to who ever gives it!

2 Answers
Mike R answered 2 years ago

Hiya mate,  have you tried a pre-styler to help with texture?

Henri answered 2 years ago

The styling product does not matter that much. -the prestyler does.
Try to experiment with different tonics or texture sprays and see what works for you. I can’t recommend a certain prosuct, because my hairtype isn’t similar to yours. 

Arkisys replied 2 years ago

Hey guys! Thank for the answers! I bought a sugar texturizing spray by Wella, putting salt in my already moisture struggling hair scares me, I’ll try using it after my 25 spray and before my post styler and I’ll see what results I get.