Long Hair Woes

alex b asked 4 months ago

I’ve been growing out my hair over quarantine and I’m having trouble finding the right product for my hair type. My hair is thin/medium type but I have a lot of hair. The amount of hair I have makes it look bushy and a little too wacky. I have been thinking of using a pomade to make it a bit sleeker but I have never used one and I don’t want it to look to shiny. Any tips or product reccomendations would be appreciated

1 Answers
johan answered 3 months ago

It is not difficult at all to look after your hair. All you need is just to find reliable and safe resource where you can get all these tips and try it yourself. I highly recommend you to check this trustworthy site where you can find lots of useful information about updos for short hair https://therighthairstyles.com/updos-for-short-hair-2019/ and hairstyles and ways to look after them. So many information and all this is for free.

fenix33 replied 3 days ago

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