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shrikumar asked 3 years ago

Hey Robin hello, I’m a guy with hair exactly like u, I’m from India, whatever the products u use are not readily available in India, plz suggest me some good styling and finishing products which are available in India

Zaib baig replied 2 years ago

Hey Shrikumar! My name is Zaib baig. And I’m also from India & I know The struggle Here to find a Good quality product, Here are some things you can do
Firstly checkout Nykaa,Ubuy India & Dessert art India You can Find some foreign Products there in Indian currency, Secondly there is An New Indian Homebrewed Brand Offering Some really good quality products in affordable prices, Checkout Dehawk Men essentials on YouTube you can get the review or there website, I am also buying it soon.
Hope This Helps If you have any Other questions you can email me at
Have a nice day 🙂

Jai Patel replied 2 years ago

Hi shrikumar! I have been searching for some really products too but unfortunately all the Indian brands aren’t as good as I’d hoped. Products from good brands like Kevin Murphy and blumaan are very pricey on Amazon which makes it even harder to get good products. You can buy a few products from Aveda and Kevin Murphy on nykaa. Nykaa is the only store where i found reasonably priced Kevin Murphy products. I purchased freehold and I’m really happy with it. So just give it a try and maybe try ordering online internationally rather than buy from Amazon cause they charge almost double the price.

Robin James Staff replied 3 years ago

Hey Shrikumar. Really good question and exactly why we have this forum.

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what brands you have in India, but some other guys from India (on here) may know this.

Let’s see what we can find for you!