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Praval asked 1 year ago

Newbie here, Robin. I am binge watching your videos and buying products at quite a pace.
while going through your videos one things that always confuses me is “Do I have to do actually go through these many product every single day to make my hair looks nice..???”
If you have to use only two product on daily basis for rest of your life (excluding shampoo & conditioner), which product type will you choose…??
From my childhood I was told and used only oil in my hair (Not any facny oil, mustard oil to be precise for almost 22 years of my life, I am 30 year old now and by God’s grace, doing well enough to buy good product without looking at the wallet).
So, where do you place the hair oils or serums for that matter in hair care for someone like me.
The notion which I was always taught that the more product you put in your hair, the more fragile they will become, so what will be your suggestions for someone like me. I do have good hair more like your hair type.. it’s just that I suck at making them look good .
Always love your content, for all the Youtubers out there, I fall back to you for advice, because its less nonsese and direct.