Best product for very thick, with a slight wave and very much hair, kind of hair.

Man For Himself ForumCategory: Hair ProductsBest product for very thick, with a slight wave and very much hair, kind of hair.
Carrier Pigeon asked 1 year ago

Hi all,

For a while now I have been searching the world wide web to find the best hair styling product for my type of hair, and have been using all the possibilities throughout the years: clay, paste, cream, wax (even for afro kind of hair), plain simple gel, or whatsoever.

My hair, in two words, stubborn and rough.
The complete description would be very thick, with a slight wave when short (more wave and even some curls when it gets to medium) and I do have so much hair on my head (really dense).

Currently, I am using O’douds matte paste (after seeing some videos of James Robin, where he reviews it) and have recently been trying Reuzel clay matte pomade. Even though I like most of O’douds, the smell, the hold, the application in my hair – it is a bit pully and rougher in my thick hair (a tad too pully), and what it does to my hair, but I am still wondering if this is THE ONE for me, am not sure if this product does the most right to my hair, the product that fully gives the potential my hair has. Where Reuzel is all above as well, only really smooth to applicate in my hair which I tend to like less.

So my question for you is, what is the best styling product I can use for my kind of hair.
Oh, not to forget I like to have my hair short to medium.

Hope that someone can help me out.


martindain55 replied 1 year ago

I work in a men’s salon.
In the courses that I have seen for men’s hair care, we have been introduced to many products for styling men’s hair that are rough and coarse, and I use many of them. But while I work in a salon that one of the marketers brought me a product and I use it, the customers are very satisfied. My name is teatree mint There is and it has a green package. I think you can test this, maybe it will satisfy you.

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Poonam120 answered 1 year ago

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