Best matt clay?

James Reid asked 3 years ago

I want a hair clay that has a matt finish but a moving hold. I used clay mation and like it but want to see others. Any help?

3 Answers
Robin James Staff answered 3 years ago

Hey James! Good to hear from you. 

Claymation is a really good choice. It was one of the first clays I used and worked with. We have a dedicated clays section on Products (, but… 

Keen to hear about other products from other guys too. 

Nic.S replied 3 years ago

Johnny’s Chop Shop’s Wild Cat Clay works pretty well in my experience – found it to give a good hold + endurance plus it’s really malleable as well. All at an awesome price point. Robin you should give it a go! Otherwise I always recommend Morris Motley’s TSB – Altho I see it more as a clay paste rather than a traditional clay.

Chris answered 3 years ago

I’m a huge fan of the Tempeltons tonics Oasis and Shear revivals northern lights. Oasis I use as a pre styler as well and get some great results! Just be cautious when ordering Oasis as some of them have quite a strong smell.

Robin James Staff replied 2 years ago

Still to try Templetons.

Benjamin White replied 3 years ago

Hi James,

Personally I am a big fan of Label M matt paste and also the O’douds matte paste really both great products I have heard great reviews on shear revival northern lights as Chris mentioned above, I would say if you can get your hands on any testers from locals stores or can buy travel sized containers would be the best way to find your best product!

FarazR2 answered 2 years ago

I’ve used a number of clays and my favorites are Arcadian Clay, Oasis Clay, Lockhart’s Matte Clay in Fire and Brimstone, Apothecary 87 Matte Clay.