Best hair clays for medium/ fine hair

Barry asked 10 months ago

Hey, Robin, I have a similar hair type to you and I was wondering a list of clays that you love to use and work well.

2 Answers
Henri answered 10 months ago

Hey man!
I’m not Robin but I hope I can help. This question has been asked a couple of times, and Robin himself has also responded to a few of them, this is what Robin said:

Moroccanoil Texture Clay has become one of my favourites. Matte finish, good hold and LOADS of texture –
Aveda Grooming Clay is also great. Looser hold but texture again. It’s also packed full of ‘good for your hair’ ingredients –
Firsthand Supply Clay Pomade is a really solid investment. Easy applied, easy styled. A light hold but a beautiful finish to it –

And to add to that, I personally have been using claymation, and it has worked very well for my fine hair.

Robin James Staff replied 10 months ago

Thanks Henri. Hugely appreciated.

Benjamin White answered 10 months ago

Hi mate, 
I have very similar hair to Robin also and I personally found the following really my goto products over the past year.
Odouds matte paste
Kevin Murphy rough rider 
Label M Matt paste 
All have been outstanding products and I personally use Kevin Murphy as I live in Australia and is very accessible! If you want any more information I’m more than happy to help!