Any ligher products then hanz de fuko claymation?

Man For Himself ForumCategory: Hair ProductsAny ligher products then hanz de fuko claymation?
marcster asked 1 year ago

Hi All
I have thick wavy hair and currently use Claymation, although the product works well I find I have to wash with shampoo (or at least just conditioner) every day as its quite a heavy product and does not just wash out with water, at least with my hair..
Can anyone recommend any other products I can try instead which are lighter and most importantly can just wash out with water easily?
Shear revival northern lights looks interesting but hoping I can get some advice on here about other tried and tested products

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johan answered 1 year ago

Oh thats quite hard to stop it, you can just slow it somehow I guess. There are lots of factors that play a role on your hair. First you can check this post and learn more aboutshampoo for gray hair , there are some of them are good that can slow your hair loss, my wife use it now and I some differences…