4 product range – what products would you pick?

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paddyjoe asked 2 years ago

Hey MFH crew,
I’ve been a long time follower, first-time poster. My brother (who is a barber) and I (a marketer) are developing a range of grooming products, and I have one quick question for you all.
If you could pick 4 types of products to cover most styling applications (not pre-styling or fixing), most hair types, and other variables – what would they be?
We have been developing for a while now, but want to hear from a community who ACTUALLY use products, to see what they think.
To give you an idea, we are thinking: 1x WB Pomade (Med Hold, High Shine), 1x Clay (Med Hold, Matte Finish), 1x Paste (Med/Strong Hold, Matte/natural Finish), 1x Creme (Loose hold, Natural Finish)… Would you substitute any style of product for another? What considerations would you make? Have we got enough variety to cater for most people?
I would love to know your thoughts,
Kind Regards,