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Kidcisco asked 2 years ago

Hi Robin,
ive been filling you on you tube for quite a while and I love your videos. Just had a question regarding hair washing routine for someone with fine thin hair. I’ve been using the Nioxin system 1 for about a year. I usually shampoo and condition everyday, I tried doing that every other day or Thursday however I find my head starts to get really dry and itch? Is this just a phase of my scalp rebalancing it self? Should I just toughout this phase? I guess my real question is that, is it harming my hair or making it more thin due to shampooing and conditioning everyday?

on days I don’t shampoo should I wear a hair cap? Or is it okay to wet your hair in a hot shower?


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Benjamin White answered 2 years ago

Hi Ted,
I contacted Nioxin direct as I had similar questions as the products do have sulphates and so forth in the shampoo and conditioner and raised a few alarm bells so asked on what basis should I be using the product and how regularly is it okay to use it. So I have the System 1 kit which comes along with the hair treatment spray, I was advised that using the Shampoo and conditioner every 3-4 days is fine so I alternate weeks and do 3 days some week then 4 the next than apply the hair treatment spray every single day, As you don’t want to strip the hair of any essential oils. 

So my recommendation is to not shampoo and condition daily and just let your hair breathe also the Hair masks that you can find online and in stores are a great alternative on a day off from shampoo and conditioner as it will revitalize your scalp.

Please feel free to contact me for any information if needed. 

Mike R answered 2 years ago

Recently switched from everyday to every 3rd day. Loving the difference it makes with styling and texture!