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Nalbadian97 asked 2 years ago


Good Morning dear reader I am writing concerning a really disappointing experience I had with one of the most iconic products of Tom Ford. I am talking about the Tobacco Vanille, which is if not the most iconic perfume it’s at least one of them. Private Blend got my attention in perfume store where I live in Athens, Greece and I searched for it to smell the legendary juice. Immediately got my attention and I decided that I have to add this perfume in my collection. I ve never ever purchased a tom ford parfum and I read a lot about the high level of quality that the firm has . After several videos of expert bloggers in the field of perfumery there was one thing sure , that this particular scent has a looking lasting aroma that leaves a strong impression ( as Mr.Tom Ford says) . I bought the 100ml bottle for 300€ , thats kinda a big stack of money for a perfume but I was sure that it was worth it. Testing for the first time the perfume I noticed that the sprayer mechanism is a bit faulty and it’s completely different than the one that the saleswoman sprayed on the bloter in the cosmetics store. But I said that its all about the juice who cares about the sprayer. In fact I sprayed 5 sprays on my skin ( 1 behind each ear two on the chest an one on my forearm to keep track of the scent development. The opening was spectacular this cardamon punch Bleu my mind . After a bit heart notes come alive tobacco leaf and sweet vanilla . And here comes the downfall… after 2 hours I smell my forearm and I recognize a slight aroma of vanilla , and it was 2 hours later that the perfume was completely disappeared I asked my girl if she could recognise any aroma and she was unable, so was her sister. I shared some of my perfume with 3 different people to test the performance on their skin. Same results 4 or 6 hours later no smell no parfum. I don’t know, it may be a faulty serial number, I really don’t know. I admire so much Mr.Tom Ford craftsmanship that demonstrates in every single piece that has his name on it and I am so disappointed about this 300€ purchase. What do you suggest doing? Imagine that i even sprayed my clothes and the performance was the same. Thanks for your time I look forward to your response 
John Nalmpantis , Athens, Greece

Brann replied 9 months ago

Thanks to share

Recco replied 1 year ago

Hey man, i have the exact same issues, everything you said i have the exact same performance.

Starts very well for the first 1 hour, after that no projection at all, it becomes a skin scent. After 3 hours i can barely smell something. And guess what i decided to overspray it, to look if it changes something. 2 beside each ear, one on the front of my neck, 2 on the back of my neck and 1 spray on my shirt. Nothing, after 2-3 hours it disappears.

I think they really have been refolmulated, because TV is known as a projection beast, which is really not the case. I dont regret it but i am a bit disappointed because i really love this fragrance.