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ritchie asked 3 years ago

Hello all, and congrats of the forum Robin.
I am struggling to decide whether to have 1 or 2 signature scents (ie day and evening) or having a seasonal scent. Or just buying everything I like and wearing whatever I feel like on that given day (this is what I currently do). Any advice?

Robin James Staff replied 2 years ago

Thanks Ritchie!

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Benjamin White answered 3 years ago

Hi Ritchie, 

Great question mate, Personally I have probably close to 30 Fragrances and I cant stick to one or two fragrances as I like to choose my scent on the season, whether it is day or night, hot or cold, wet or sunny so i really like to personalize the scent depending on the weather and the event in question! So I am an advocate for the buy whatever you like.

But also on the other side of things i know plenty of people who are happy with just having the one or two scents for a year then changing to a new scent for the next year, It really comes down to how much thought you want to put into the fragrance wearing side of things and also how much money you want to put into your fragrances. 
Hope this has helped in some way, please let me know how you get on or if i can offer any further advice.